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Golden State Warriors Live Stream 2022

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Golden State Warriors live stream will be available on TV on the ABC network in the US. Additionally, basketball fans from the United States can also follow the NBA finals on ABC. Meanwhile, viewers living outside the US have to look for other broadcasters of the NBA.

NBA matches are shown live in different parts of the world. And this club basketball tournament has different cable TV broadcasters. Obviously, there must several TV broadcasters of the NBA to cover broadcasting in different countries. Here’s how you can stream NBA matches from the upcoming NBA season.

How can I follow the Golden State Warriors live stream in Canada?

Basketball enthusiasts living in Canada have both TV streams and mobile streams of the NBA. If you are willing to spend some money on the subscription of the streaming partners of the NBA, you can watch basketball matches in stunning HD quality.

Out of 30 NBA teams, a single one hails from Canada. Toronto Raptors from Toronto, Canada plays in the NBA. The Raptors is a member of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. The Raptors have won one NBA championship and one conference title.

These days, it is quite palpable that NBA fans are significantly watching less TV around the world. Still, if you want to go with TV Golden State Warriors live stream in Canada, you have two options. You can subscribe to Sportsnet or TSN to watch the NBA on TV.

Stream NBA matches live online in Canada

The number of basketball fans streaming NBA matches online is significantly increasing. Well, if you want to try online streams of NBA, here’s what you need to know. Viewers from Canada have three options to watch the Golden State Warriors live stream online.

Thus far, you already know that the TV streaming rights to the NBA are held by Sportsnet and TSN in Canada. Sportsnet has its own streaming platform, SN Now. You can find SN Now on Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox One, iOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4.

Golden State Warriors Live Stream 2021
How to follow the Golden State Warriors live stream in Canada?

See, you have plenty of streaming devices to follow the Warriors matches online. You can have SN Now for $19.99 per month. Or you can also opt for a $9.99 per day package. This streaming service comes with a week free trial.

Other options to watch NBA online in Canada

Apart from SN Now, Canadian viewers have TSN Direct and NBA League Pass to watch NBA matches online. TSN Direct gives access to all five TSN feeds. So, you will be able to follow all NBA matches that air live on the TSN network with TSN Direct. You can have TSN Direct for $19.99 per month or $4.99 per day.

TSN Direct is also available on a wide range of streaming devices like Smart TV, Apple TV, desktops, Google Play, Xbox One, and iOS App Store. You can watch NBA live matches on two screens with a TSN Direct subscription.

Another means to watch the Golden State Warriors live stream on mobile in Canada is NBA League Pass. If you are new to NBA League Pass, you can enjoy a week free trial period. NBA League Pass does not allow you to watch NBA matches broadcast on national TV.

Can I watch Toronto Raptors live with NBA League Pass in Canada?

NBA League Pass can be the best means to watch all NBA matches all season long. But, this service does not provide live streams of your local teams and matches that are termed national broadcasts.

So, if you use NBA League Pass in Canada, you will not be able to watch Toronto Raptor NBA matches. Toronto Raptors is based in Canada, so its live NBA matches will be subjected to local area blackout on NBA League Pass. Meanwhile, you can access all out-ot-market NBA matches with a paid NBA League Pass subscription.

TV channels to watch Golden State Warriors live stream in the US

NBA matches are shown live on national and regional TV networks in the United States. Speaking of national broadcasts, NBA matches are shown on national TV networks such as ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV. NBA TV is owned by the NBA itself.

Golden State Warriors Live Stream 2021
Stream NBA live on TV on ABC in the US

The Golden State Warriors’ live matches are shown on regional network RSN in the United States. The regional network broadcast of the Warriors will be available for online streaming through AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV in the US.

Stream the Warriors live stream outside of the US

Viewers living outside the United States have both TV streaming and mobile streaming options to watch NBA live. The US and Canada happen to be the two participating countries of the NBA. Viewers from non-participating countries also follow the NBA.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch NBA matches live on TV. And if you live in Argentina, Cablevision will offer you live HD streams of basketball matches from the NBA.

Below is the list of some national broadcasters of the NBA for the 2020-21 NBA season.








Eleven BEL


Arena Sport, NBA TV (Arena Sport)





Dominican Republic





NBA TV, beIN Sports


DAZN, NBA TV, Spox.com


Cosmote TV

Hong Kong

Viu TV, Sports 2 World, NBATV S2W


Ten1, Ten3, Sony SIX, Sony ESPN


Vidio.com, NBA TV


Sport 5, Sport 5 (NBA TV)


Sky Sport NBA, NBATV


Rakuten NBA Special


SpoTV2, NBA TV (Eclat)


Astro SuperSport


NBA TV (Megacable)

Pan-Latin America

NBA Pass (DirecTV), DirecTV (NBA TV), ESPN






NBA TV (Sport TV), Sport TV 1


Vamos, MDeportes

United Kingdom

Sky Sports Arena


NBA Pass (DirecTV), DirecTV (NBA TV)

Stream Golden State Warriors live in the UK

Sky Sports is home to basketball live streams in the United Kingdom. It has been some good years since Sky Sports been offering NBA live streams throughout the United Kingdom. If you are a Sky Sports user, you can enjoy the 2020-21 NBA season on TV in HD quality.

Well, if you haven’t subscribed to Sky Sports, you can contact your local cable TV provider for the subscription. You have to spend £5.99 per month on a basic package of Sky Sports.

If you want to watch NBA live matches online in the UK, you again have Sky Sports to look forward to. You can have a SkyGo app subscription to watch basketball matches online on mobile phones, tablets, desktops in the UK.